Our range of high quality blends are very strong and are designed to release a pleasing aroma that will give the user a "stoned" sativa type high effect if inhaled.


Bulk Unpackaged Herbal Incense

We can sell you Bulk Unpackaged Herbal Incense for you to label and brand yourself.

There is NO minimum order to buy our standard blends if you buy unpackaged. We will sell by the Kilogram (kg) so that you can get started quickly and easily for a very very low cost!


Bulk Packaged Herbal Incense

If you would prefer to buy pre packaged herbal incense at wholesale prices you can send us your art work and we can get it printed onto foil packaging. We use the very same foil packaging and printing services that ALL the major brands use such as Spice Gold.

The foil packaging uses an easy tear foil pack which has a resealable zip lock built in to help keep the incense fresh and strong for months after first opening the package.

We use the standard "Spice Gold" and "Tai High" style packaging and printing process to ensure our supply and your brand is known for its quality visual appearance and physical attributes.

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